The Curious Case of Sami Anan

The name of former general Sami Anan is back again to the front after being absent for nearly year. Suddenly we are having a flood of his photoswasla5-5 in the civilian suite in some strange Facebook page called “The popular campaign to demand General Sami Anan to run for the presidency” which appeared suddenly from no where last October 19, 2013.
Now the Page admins claim that some of them are ex-military while other some are from none other late Omar Suleiman’s presidential campaign and allegedly Ahmed Shafiq’s campaign. The Ahmed Shafiq’s official campaign denied that it was supporting the former general in the upcoming presidential race.
Anyhow It seems that the campaign has got telephone number at least their office in Qena according to the stencils on the buildings there. “They consider the stencils as graffiti”
That so-called popular campaign to convince the general to run for president page is full of personal photos taken for Anan in a civilian suit.

This is a personal photo-shoot session without doubt.
When I saw these photos , all what I thought about was how big a chief of staff’s salary was to have this luxurious villa or even Palace in New Cairo !? yeah I am bit naïve, but you know one of the misconceptions that the army officers are extremely rich living in compounds , well the average army officer or even average major general does not live in such palace or villa despite what is being said about the army’s economic empire.
Of course I can not neglect the fact that General Anan has dyed his hair to appear young or how that page is claiming that General Anan is the best presidential candidate to represent revolutionary youth !!! Oh yes to the end of that strange talk that makes you wonder if this is a parody page or what !!?
Needless to say the Social media users could not miss this opportunity and made fun of this photos turning them in to memes in less than 72 hours !!
Here is a collection of the photos published by Contemporary Art Page.

Now we got a special Tumblr blog “Electoral Alsh” and Facebook Pages with all General Anan’s memes like “Sami Anan’s campaign to teach Photoshop” and ” Sami Anan’s presidential campaign to teach Photoshop
Of course some have started to ask how the case would be if it were Abdel Fatah El Sisi instead of Anan.
Well Meme makers in Egypt did not leave Egypt’s military savior alone in the past weeks especially with his famous quotes like “You are the light of my eyes” .. etc. Still it did not meet the same success after all Anan is from the few people all Egyptians whether revolutionaries , Pro-Islamists and Pro-Military agreed to hate and mock so far.
Yes it seems that Anan united a lot of people to hate him. The revolutionaries can not forget what happened during SCAF rule and how many people were killed during his rule.
The Pro-Military/Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Sisi Anti-Revolutionaries hate him because they believe that he sold the country to the Muslim brotherhood and the Americans not to mention that he turned against Mubarak. Ironically he was not alone in this, Abdel Fatah El Sisi.
The Muslim brotherhood and their supporters hate him because he is a military man.
The Pro-Military media began to attack the General madly too as well. It is not a big secret that it seems there is wrong between the current commandership of the army and Anan , at least this is the reaction you got not from the Pro-Military media only but also the Pro-Military Facebook pages and accounts of army officers and supported unofficially by the army.
When a military Facebook page like Egypt Military Pictures mocks the former chief of staff explicitly then this means something.


I do not understand for real that Sami Anan affair especially that hate relation between the army and its former chief of staff now. It started last September when suddenly we found Al Watan newspaper which is too close to all sort of security apparatuses in the country publishing what they claimed to be Anan’s memories about the 25 January revolution.
After releasing those memories in Al Watan , we found the official spokesperson of armed forces  Col. Ali went ballistic issuing a statement warning of publishing alleged memories of ex-military men in that critical time without the army’s permission was a dangerous thing to the end of that talk. We knew that he was speaking about none other than Anan.
Amazingly nobody has spoken directly to Anan from the media whether about his alleged memories or about that Presidential campaign.
Anyhow there is something I do not understand from the memories in Pro-Military Watan to that pathetic Facebook page to the silence of the man already.
Will Anan be the scapegoat of the military ?? Will He play a new role in the future ? Will he be the next Omar Suleiman in the presidential elections ??
Are we going to have a face off between Anan and Sisi in the Presidential elections ??
A trivial fact ousted President Morsi issued a presidential decree last August giving immunity to both Anan and Tantawy against accountability. The decree has not been cancelled yet.
In the end, here is a certificate from Sufi order published online about Sami Anan claiming that he is the great grandson of none other than Omar !! Oh yes Omar Ibn El Khatab !!

Man if Omar saw Anan and his cronies !!


Zienobia, an Egyptian blogger, here telling us who is sami anan, and what about his curious case, his photos in his salon and while he was Reading Al Ahram newspaper in his garden, why egypt still like that. She wrote on her blog named Egyptian Chronicles.

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