#St.Catherinetragedy : Show Some Respect to the victims and their families

Saturday, February 22, 2014


post from zienobia about the tragic hiking trip and the trajic dath of  the victims .

 First those are the two last images from the tragic hiking trip showing its late victims Mohamed Ramadan and Ahmed Abdel Azim , it was taken from their cameras found with them. Photographer Mustafa El Sayid published them.

Late Mohamed Ramadan

Late Ahmed Abdel Azim

May God bless the souls of the 4 hikers who died in the top of Bab El Donia mount , a mount that many of us in Egypt have not heard about before and now it is associated with death and tragedy. The translation of Bab El Donia in English is “The world’s door” , I think it is closed for now.

Anyhow I knew that the friends of the hikers are thinking of doing a memorial at the mount commemorating their friends’ tragic death. It is a great idea.

Second I am furious. At the same moment the 4 dead bodies of the St. Catherine Mount’s hikers tragedy reached Cairo from two days ago , there were some people online spreading disgusting lies , rumors and conspiracy theories about those hikers

Yes conspiracy theories and rumors about the hikers spread like fire in the Pro-Military/Pro-ElSisi social media accounts and pages.

 Some Pro-Military/Pro-ElSisi claim that the whole hiking trip was actually some crazy terrorist plot by the Muslim Brotherhood to drag the army units to the deadly Bab El Donia mount but what you know.

Oh yes the hiking trip was a bloody conspiracy against the army and its unity !!!

The proof of this conspiracy is the fact late Hagar Mohamed had a photo of the Raba’a sign in her Facebook profile while late Mohamed Ramadan dedicated the award for his short film ‘Senses’ to the Blue Bra Girl in 2011 !!

No respect to the victims or their families as usual and as expected now.

Also I found out that those people are astonished and angry on how single girls go on a hiking with total strange young men for no bloody reason. Yes some people do not get that there is a whole young generation who dares on discovering places in Egypt with total strangers like all over the world.

It is not surprising that those Pro-Military/Pro-ElSisi are not that different from the Pro-Islamists , after all they are not really socially liberal “or event politically liberal”. In the end they are conservatives in their own way. Strangely both the Pro-Islamists and Pro-military supporters were wondering the why a girl would protest in Tahrir square in the infamous blue bra incident in 2011.

I have been feeling so mad in the past 48 hours from the crap I have been reading accidentally whether on Facebook and Twitter.

By the way the surviving hikers are transferred to Cairo but they are still suffering from severe shock.

It is still a shock. Of course now the media is defending by all its forces

And as we are reactive people as usual I have read that the army is thinking of forming a search and rescue unit in Sinai mount from local bediouns.

The Bedouin tribe in Saint Catherine region saved the day for real. Speaking of the Bedouins and the locals in Sinai , they are angry that the media focused on the tragedy of those valley kids and neglected/has always neglected their own tragedies whether the tragedies resulted from the on going war on terrorism or the tragedies resulted from the usual and old State’s neglect.I fully understand their anger and I admit that our media is totally unfair when it comes to the Bedouins.

Honestly this is not the responsibility of the army alone or its responsibility in the first place, this is the responsibility of the state itself.

The State should contact the Red Cross as well countries with mounts and hiking tourism including Tanzania “Mount Kilimanjaro” to learn from their experience.

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