These are the law enforcement men

Last week we knew that a local police force attacked a small village in the heart of Miniya governorate. The small population of that remote 4village “Gabl El-Tir” is mostly Christian.That local police force stormed the houses of the citizens there smashing doors, destroying furniture and attacking the people whether they are women or children or elderly.

They rounded up the men and youth whose hands were tied to their backs. In the village’s public square the police mocked the men and called them “infidels” and “animals” beating them in front of their wives and children.

All this started from two weeks ago when a Christian housewife mother of 5 suddenly disappeared and as usual we got the same old story that a Muslim man “who is a friend of her husband” from another village seduced her. Last week a group of angry Christian youth protested at Samalout police station against the neglect of the authority to the case.

They hurled rocks at the police vehicles and destroyed the facade of the police station as I understand in a failed attempt to storm it. Fourteen protesters were arrested in that incident.

Then came the collective punishment to the citizens of “Gabel El-Tir” , the revenge of the police force in Samalout.

The people of the village spoke to the media but no one listens because we are in war on terrorism least we become like Syria and Iraq. Well Christians in Egypt are attacked in their villages but not by crazy extremists but rather policemen !!!!!!!

According to friends in Upper Egypt , this is the not the first time something like that happens. A similar incident happened in Sohag governorate also from couple of weeks ago in a small village. The villagers in that Sohag village mostly from Muslims and currently the elderly are trying to contain the anger of the people.

Now according to what I know about Upper Egypt , I will say that anger is not contained but is kept to one hell rainy day.

Nothing in the Egyptian laws or traditions justify what happened in Miniya or in Sohag and yes I am bringing up the traditions as we speak about Upper Egypt where the traditions rule. In fact such attacks against whole villages and innocent people including women,children and elderly usually cause tribal fights that can keep going on for days if the elderly do not interfere wisely.

The police thinks in this way it restores that fearful status it had in Egypt more than the law and order after the 25 January revolution. It does not care that much about the law and order ,it cares more about that state of fear. Donot be shocked but many policemen in Egypt believe that the only way to deal with the people is through fear and discipline.

Of course I can not neglect the “infidels” part, this part shows a clear sectarian problem whether you like or not , yes our law enforcement men got some serious sectarian problem

The head of Miniya security directorate defended his men and said the people started by attacking the police first. Now Christian activists demanded that he would be held accountable and to be dismissed. Something many believe that it won’t happen.

In the end many people believe that this incident will be forgotten and no body will be held accountable officially. Of course just imagine a similar incident to happen to Christians in Egypt during the time of Morsi and the anger it would produce in the media and how the media is acting modestly now.


Zienobia wrote at 21th Sep about the black Tragedy of the Christians people in”Gabl El-Tir” , miniya, upper Egypt.

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